Artist: Nylenda

Title: Around Me

Release Date: May 24th, 2024

Label: Skurkebass

Genre: Modern psychedelia, Electronic

RIYL: Tame Impala, MGMT, Caribou, Jagwar Ma, Primal Scream, Spiritualized, Holy Fuck, Flaming Lips

Photo: Elisabeth Ferking

Embark on a sonic journey with ‘Around Me,’ a dynamic track that seamlessly transitions from the whimsical tones of 60’s psychedelic pop, complete with the enchanting twang of an electric sitar and backwards guitars, to the infectious baggy beats of the 90’s and Primal Scream like gospel vocals. Finally, it drifts into the ethereal realms of hazy dub, captivating listeners with its atmospheric allure.

Hailing from the west coast of Norway, Nylenda brings a fresh approach to creating modern and swirling psychedelic pop with an electronic edge. Since 2016, they’ve been captivating audiences across Norway with their live performances. Their 2021 debut album, ‘Medicating a Prophet,’ earned praise at home and abroad for its unique sound and songwriting. Now, in September 2024, they’re gearing up to drop their second album, ‘Skurkebass.’

Nylenda’s debut single is a stunning introduction to their world (…) An insistent electronic pulse reminiscent of the likes of Harmonia and Neu! combines with a percussive groove and psychedelic vocals, bringing together ’60s looseness and ’70s rigidity. The effect is for “Burning Eyes” to be a track which you can equally imagine being at home in a studio surrounded by antiquated recording devices as it would being blasted out at a club. Sure, it’s meticulously crafted, but it’s also danceable as hell”.
–The Line Of Best Fit
Medicating a Prophet is a thoroughly fun and dynamic album, which literally bubbles over with untamed creativity and fresh ideas“.
– Disharmoni 6/6 
Hailing from the west coast of Norway, this psychedelic rock band with synths all around has taken us by storm with their live concerts supporting their brand new debute album “Medicating A Prophet”. Tune in – zone out!
– Sten Ove Toft, BLÅ Oslo
Photo by Iselin Høyvik


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